Stephanie Wüstemann

Born in a little village close to Heidelberg-Germany, I moved to Berlin after finishing school to study fashion design at the HTW Berlin. I found out that’s exactly what I wanted to do – playing with colours and fabrics creating exiting and unique looks.

After university, I worked for a couple of years as a fashion designer and in 2008 I started working as a freelance Stylist for photos and commercial films. Working as a stylist gives me the opportunity to tell stories with the looks I create. Describing a character by choosing the right outfits or turning a simple piece of cloth into something very special by combining it in the right way is always a challenge but also the most exiting job I could imagine.

Over the last years, I have had the chance to work in so many great teams with so many exiting and unique people and that’s what I enjoy the most. It‘s never the same and always rewarding! I have lived in Spain, near Barcelona, since 2018 and I enjoy working here with this amazing beautiful natural light. The colours here are so different compared to those in Germany; so rich, bright and warm. I am fascinated every day!!!


Alphabet, Arte, Audi, Axxamo, Ay Yildiz,, Bauhaus, Bentley Motors, BMW, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Burda Media, Caparol, Christ, Citroen, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bahn, Deichmann, DONG Energy, Dr. Oetker, Easy Jet, EIT Swiss, Erdinger, Evonik, Ferchau, Fit For Fun, Fressnapf, Genesis, GQ, Head And Shoulders, Himbeer Magazin, Hyundai Worldwide, Kaercher Professional, Kaufland, Kia, KINDA Magazin, LBS, Luna Magazin, Max Factor, Migros Budget, Narcotics Anonymous, Not Just Fashion Magazin, Nutella, Opel, Pampers, Pantene Pro V, Pneu Egger, Porsche, Pro 7, Procter & Gamble, Puma, Purelei, Ramp Style Magazin, Seat, Skoda, Sloggi, Snickers, Sony Music, Super Illu, Tesa, Toom, Universal Music, VW, Walden Magazin, Wella, Wernli, Wired, Xing, Yoplait, ZDF

Directors/ Photographers

Alexandra Klever, Anatol Gottfried, Anke Luckmann, Anna Rose, Anne Deppe, Annelie Klein, Anntheo, Arthur Heise, Aviv Maaravi, Ben Wolf, Benjamin Brettschneider, Benno Kraehahn, Bernhard Musil, Bert Spangemacher, Bob Leinders, Damian Vignaux, Daniel Blom, Daniel Cramer, David Fischer, Erik Chmil, Esteban, Felix Krüger, Felix Strosetzki, Florian Bison, Florian Pack, Frank Devos, Frauke Fischer Frederick Schlosser, Glenn Kitson, Henning Strüve, Henry Littlechild, Jacob Slade, Jan Gleie, Jette Stolte, Jo Kemp, Job van As, Jonas von der Hude, Jose Manuel Perez, Julia Mücke, Kai la Quatra, Katharina Bohm, Kim Jacobsen, Lena Burmann, Lennart Bader, Maison Vignaux, Manes Duerr, Marc Bethke, Marcus Höhn, Marcus Lundin, Mario Stahn, Markus Esser, Markus Henttonen, Markus Mueller, Mathias Kutt, Michael Hagedorn, Michael Schnabel, Murat Aslan, Nela König, Nils Rohdekamp, Norman Konrad, Olaf Blecker, Olaf Heine, Oliver Wand, Patrik Johall, Peter Schreiber, Peter Simonite and Annie Gunn, Phipipp Ramhofer, Piggy Lines, Rene Riis, Samuel Bennetts, Sandro Rados, Schahriyar Eghbaly, Sebastian Hänel, Shane Bain, Simon Puschmann, Simon Ritzler, Sonja Heiss, Stef Viaene, Stefan Kraul, Stephan Gustavus, Susanne Schmidt, Thomas Strogalski, Tim Adorf, Tim Günther, Tim Peters, Timm Brockfeld, Tobias Schult, Urban Zintel, Victor de Mello, Willem Thomson, Xander Bartoli, Yorck Christoph Riccius, Young Wook Paik

I am available for bookings from Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt!

And I am happy to travel everywhere in the world

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